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Heather is a mother, founder and coach at HKM Fitness Coaching. She is a certified Women's Fitness Specialist and Pre and Post Natal Coach. Her main aim is to help all women of all fitness levels to achieve their health fitness goals through realistic and sustainable habits. 

She promotes a positive and empowering approach to women's fitness. One that does not include fad diets or unrealistic workout programs. Having recently become a mum at the end of 2022, she understands the challenges that mothers face when trying to juggle everything. She is an advocate for helping women to keep exercising throughout their pregnancy and beyond in a safe and comfortable environment.



Heather offers daily outdoor bootcamps as well as private face-to-face coaching and online coaching from anywhere in the world. Helping all women to become the best version of themselves and live their best life.

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Visit or @hkm.fitnesscoaching on Instagram to see how you get started or further improve your fitness journey!